Anglomania Gala Reveals which Designers are Really the Toast of the Fashion Scene

Written By , on May 2, 2006

The Daily, in an amazing feat of fashion observation, has compiled a laundry list of “Who Wore What” to the Met’s Costume Institute Benefit Gala, themed Anglomania.

The list reveals which designers the hauterfly’s truly prefer, as expressed in their choice of evening wear to fashion’s biggest event of the year.

I imagine this list is not exhaustive, but it is informative nonetheless, and an analysis of the list shows that:

Alexander McQueen dominated with the most A-list celebrities wearing his designs. Of course, this is most likely influenced by McQueen’s British roots and the UK-centric theme of the night.

Sarah Jessica Parker with Alexander McQueen. Why, SJP, would you hide such a gorgeous dress under a tartan? It doesn’t matter that the theme is Anglomania, the point of the event is to look ravishing, not bizarre.

Rivals Kate Moss and Sienna Miller both showed up in Burberry, even though Moss was dumped by the label and replaced by Miller… other starlets to appear in the labels they shill for are the Olsens in Badgley Mischka and Selma Blair in Chanel.

Juicy Couture was one of the most prominent labels worn at the Gala, but the presence was diluted by many unrecognizable names… most likely C-listers who, if they are truly representative of Juicy’s clientele, bridged and tunneled it over from Jersey.

Many designers wore their own designs, and understandably so. But it becomes quite sad and a bit pathetic when a designer is the only person to show up in his/her own designs, as happened to Margherita Missoni.

Oscar de la Renta only had one celeb, Drew Barrymore, represent him. Oscar’s designs are made for occasions like this, and its surprising more celebs didn’t jump at the excuse to don some de la Renta.

Drew Barrymore wears Oscar de la Renta with such class and grace, it makes you forget that she was the woman who was once married to Tom Green.

Fashion’s “it boys”, Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen, both had a rather weak showing. Perhaps the cyclicality of the fashion scene is catching up to them?

And though it wasn’t on the list…

Diane von Furstenberg and some unfortunate woman from Bergdorf Goodman’s didn’t get the memo that tailoring your outfit too specifically to the occasion betrays the awkward middle school kid that still lives inside you.

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  1. 01. missygp

    erm, you do know “anglomania” means English and tartan is Scottish? Think McQueen and the Scots might be a bit peeved at that…

  2. 02. Ali

    Yes, the tartan is Scottish, apologies if my reference to it and Anglomania in the same breath was a source of confusion.

    I did a little research to clarify (and back up myself)…
    Anglo properly refers to England, but can also refer generally to the United Kingdom (Scotland is part of the UK). Also, Alexander McQueen was born and raised in London’s East End, where he established his design career. Although the Mc prefix in his name indicates Scottish heritage, he is a British designer.

    For further reading:

    Thanks for keeping us honest!

  3. 03. ben

    um classy and elegant can be worn anywhere.

    celebrating anglomania means having an excuse to bring out that inner eccentric, no?

  4. 04. Karri

    wow, those last two are truly heinous… i think there is a fine line between eccentric and just plain bad taste, which may excuse parker’s tartan, but def not DVF

  5. 05. Jacko

    Anglophilia is a fine thing, sure. But –

    – What has that got to do with Scotland?

    – Big red plaid, no matter how indicative of the noble clan it represents, is FREAKING UGLY.

  6. 06. Fragle21

    Is it just me or is the bottom dress gramatically incorrect. Shouldn’t it be “God save the ‘Queen’?” not “God Save The ‘Queens’?” If God saved Queens, I think Staten Island would be royally pissed off.

  7. 07. CC

    Ironically, that “unfortunate woman from Bergdorf Goodman” is the senior vice president, store presentation and women’s fashion director.

  8. 08. baitbits

    If God saved Queens, I think Ralph Reed would be royally pissed off.

  9. 09. raincoaster

    Well when I saw that last one I totally thought it was Jamie Lee Hamilton, a local transsexual madam. So “Queens” works in that context. Maybe it’s a JLH impersonator? And the hair is totally Queens anyway.

    Doesn’t DVF have a line of lingerie? Apparently she doesn’t have access to a strapless bra.

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