This. Is. Sex.

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  1. michelle says:

    Really.. really bad eva =)

  2. Savi says:

    I’d say don’t quite your day job, but the shoes are hot.

  3. Alex says:

    Ok, you’re a genius (seriously, you are fantastic), and I am just a guy with a shoe fetish. And I don’t know anything about copy writing, or advertising, or any of the other things I’m about to talk about.

    But there’s an idea in cinema that the image should do the work — that you shouldn’t have people on screen (or title cards in the old days) telling people what to think about the image.

    So even though the shoes *are* sex (again, shoe fetish here), I’m not crazy about the idea of telling people that, or more generally, about telling people how to respond to an image. If you need a character to explain something about what you’re seeing, the image isn’t right.

    (I think that’s one of the main differences between a 3 camera TV shoot and a real movie — those explanations are often necessary with the TV shoot, because the method doesn’t allow for the same crafting of the images.)

    If that’s necessary — and it might be necessary with this image — it’s a sign that the image needs to be beefed up a little. At least that’s the typical thing people might say in a cinematic context.

    So instead of saying “this. is. sex.” I’d get a stronger image — probably one with an actual woman in it, and some fantastically glamorous world, along with the shoes (people tend to make things sexier) — and let the picture scream that out without an interpreter or mediation.

    And if I had any text at all, I’d probably try to use it to blunt the visceral sexuality of the photo — to create a kind of comfort zone, because sometimes sexual power makes people uneasy.

    I’m having trouble coming up with a line on the spot here. But it would be trying to convey sophistication, or something that acknowledges the aesthetic quality of the shoes.

    This isn’t right, or even close to right, but it’s the best I can do now — something like maybe, “The devil is in the details”. And that comes to my mind mostly because of the post you made about the faux-Louboutins awhile back. Because there are very subtle things about these shoes that are wonderful, and very difficult to explain. But the phrase is too cliched — to corny for me to say it’s right.

    And I don’t know anything about copy writing — whether or not they give you a photo, and say write a caption. But it seems more organic to me to think of the photo and the caption as part of a larger whole, and to not think about it in a way that holds one piece fixed (ie., the photo) and then tries to find a phrase to match.

    I love your blog, and am sorry to post such a long winded reply, especially as I know nothing about the things I’m talking about. And I’m sorry if saying I have a shoe fetish is creepy. I didn’t mean it that way.

  4. cheeky says:

    I like the shoes, and I can tell you are trying. To be frank, though, comparing things, particularly women’s shoes, to sex is tired.

  5. Krista says:

    Shouldn’t it be “these are sex”? 😉

  6. Style Spy says:

    Shoes like that make words superfluous.

  7. eva says:

    @ Alex:
    I love how you were able to break down a two sentence ad into something almost existential. I agree with your overarching point, less is more. Maybe a photo of the shoes with just a logo far under and tucked away to be inconspicuous. As for your shoe fetish there’s a large silent army of men who think just like you, if not a majority. Why do you think strippers wear heels and not flats?

    True, but I like doing it not for whether it is la mode or not, but just because. I’ll have to think up soemthing more clever next time.

    Well I’m not talking specifically about the shoe which is why I said This. Is. Sex. It is the experience that wearing shoes like this deliver. They are gorgeous. They are beautiful. You feel great as a result. Or maybe I am overthinking it and we should just forget the whole affair.


  8. Ashmo says:

    I love those shoes! I LOVE Christian Louboutin! They are definitely hot as sex!

  9. kenju says:

    The were sexy until you named the price. Then they became obscene.

  10. Eddie says:

    As a guy who once dated a girl who taught him the importance of shoes to women (but who, like Alex, likes shoes for all the wrong reasons, too 🙂 ), those shoes are both incredibly stunning and incredibly sexy.

    However, this is advertising, not moviemaking, and sex sells…even to women. Eva, I think you’re onto something, but your copy seems rather wordy to me. May I suggest:

    Sometimes it’s not just a shoe. It is art. It is sex. Christian Louboutin at Net-A-Porter

  11. Laura says:

    That was amazing. I think that would get anybody’s attention.
    I think it’s great for marketing and yeah the shoes are hot!

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