No Flip-Flops at the White House

Written By , on July 26, 2007

Flip Flops

I just keep saying to myself…only 1 and a half more years. Then I read the Washington Post today and looked a little different on the Bush Administration. Al Kamen of the Washington Post delves into the fashion Dos and Don’t at the Bush White House. According to Kamen, the Bush administration has placed fashion signs at staff and visitor entrances stating the general dress code. Here’s what it reads like:

NO JEANS, SNEAKERS, SHORTS, MINISKIRTS, T-SHIRTS, TANK TOPS and Kamen goes on to mention that in blod face and caps — “NO FLIP FLOPS.”

A couple of musings in no particular order. It’s great to see the administration concerned with what people wear considering all the super important things going on. You know, like that pesky war in Iraq, health care, some terrorist hiding out in Afghanistan that wants to make sure fashion week doesn’t happen in New York (I threw that one in). On the other hand I see the logic in telling people, hey, you’re in the White House, try not to look like you’re going to the beach.

It’s similar to one of my pet peeves here in New York: the tourists that wear shorts, a backpack and dirty sneakers to a Broadway play on a Friday night. That’s the snob in me talking and… I digress.

Kamen goes on to point out how the Clinton rules were much more lax. I’m thinking mini-skirts were not only allowed, they were encouraged. Go Bill! I steer clear of making any further political statements, but you can read the whole article here.

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