I was about to start off this blog with a jaded rant on the commerciality (yes, I’m creating words) of fashion and how Shop Vogue is an enabler of an industry that needs to go into a collective shopping rehab. But is really effing cool. If only for the sake of being able to immediately purchase items from gorgeous ads, that might not look equally gorgeous on me, but still plays to my vanity. The functionality of it is superb once you get past the 92% loading screen and the temporary freeze of your computer (Sam built my pc from scratch -yes, I still use a pc- so it worked well on mine).

My favorite aspect of Vogue TV is that I can browse the ads from the magazine and literally, point, click and shop immediately. This is an idea long in coming. Prior to that (before the invention of fire) we had to look hard, and slow for the pair of Chloe flats that you know existed but just couldn’t find. If there is one tiny nitpick about the whole experience its that the ability to purchase items does not necessarily cross over into everything. Some items will simply give you locations where you can purchase. Which is what the magazine literally does, which begs the question what good is that? Overall, I like the service, I think it finally gives Vogue a real voice online (eat your heart out sister site

Go there now.

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