Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style

Written By , on August 23, 2007

If you enjoyed the redesigned September Elle and want a little more fashion talk from Fashion Director Nina Garcia, you’re in luck. The Project Runway judge and editrix has release a new book of style tidbits entitled The Little Black Book of Style. Magazine-length pieces and fantastic illustrations by Ruben Toledo make it a quick, but aesthetically edifying, read.

According to Ms. G, a style icon knows how to edit, to invest in “the bones,” to buy with drama, the utmost importance of shoes, the power of accessories, a good tailor and more. And of course, if you don’t already know these tenets of fashion, Garcia goes through them each letting you in on little secrets along the way.

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  1. 01. just the facts

    I think it’s a great idea for a book. Hopefully, it will provide a foundation on how to dress as an individual rather than as part of a herd of sheep. As fickle trends come and go, people with true style don’t jump at the chance to follow.

  2. 02. Amber

    I agree with the comment before me. I hope that the book is ideal for all sorts of shapes and sizes. I am not a size “0” nor do I plan to be, but I am always about the trends and syles of today. I think that this little black book will come in handy!

  3. 03. nick

    anything for men??

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