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Written By , on November 5, 2007

Makeup Tips
photography Danielle Le Moine

We often get questions on achieving the looks that you see in photoshoots on Papierdoll and in other publications. The questions that constantly come up go something like this:

a) How do I get that look?
b) Do all models have flawless skin?
c) How long does it take to put something like that together?

The short answer is yes, no and it depends.

For more detail I actually talked to a makeup artist who worked with us in the past, Shelly Stevens, and asked her exactly what it takes to get some of the looks you see in photoshoots. For example, what can a person with combination skin, or with issues applying their own makeup do to get a great look for fall?

Here she came with several tips to help almost everyone:
I hope this pleases your readers as I am going from off the top of my head here. Models come in many different skin textures just like we all do. Some models have great skin, others have skin that look like land mines but have great bone structure or some other discerning feature that make them a model.

“You’ll never look exactly like a model from a photoshoot because she is her and you are you. What that means is that everyone is different and has their own look. You can attain a similar look and in many cases you might even look better. Find out what makeup is being used and test the makeup out in a shade, hue and tone that you are comfortable with. There are so many different varieties and textures of makeup one size does not fit all.

Makeup Tips
photography Danielle Le Moine

For example, in the photos I’ve attached to this article, the makeup artist, Yisell Santos, used Makeup Forever Foundation 1 for her foundation, Urban Decay Bronzer in Toasted and Mattesse Loose Shadow in Bronze. Yes, that’s a lot of bronze, but the point is that’s what worked for that shoot. If you have a darker complexion or are extremely pale, you may want to go easy on the bronzer or skip it altogether. Use softer shades if your skin is on either of those extremes. This is especially the case with Fall and Winter. You never want the makeup to overpower your natural features.

The most important thing I can tell your readers above the makeup tip is to take care of their skin. Moisturize when necessary, drink water (they say it’s an old wives tale, but water helps the skin), use cremes as opposed to lotions and stay away from products heavy with chemicals or with alcohol. Alcohol is a major no-no. Hope that helps.”

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