Youtube and Fashion

Written By , on November 8, 2007

Youtube and Fashion

While we’d all love to believe that fashion is flawless, sometimes things happen. With the youtube/instant/in-a-minute generation, the mishaps will be broadcast all over the world in less than an hour, give or take. The latest mishap that made it on the internet air is model Sarah Walsh who fell through a runway during a fashion show. The hole was caused by Shao-Lin Monk performers (never did I think I would write a sentence like that) who engaged in a spectacle before the actual show. Walsh laughs about it now that it has become fodder for the internet, and the jokes don’t end there. There are several fashion bloopers and outtakes from various runway shows and other happenings including: The model who had trouble with her heels, the model whose heel simply fell off (you’ve got to love her though as she kept on walking), Naomi Campbell babbling then going paranoid, Naomi Campbell falling (and no one helps her, ugh), then there’s a whole segment from Fashion Television on the difficulties in walking on the runway. We feel for you girls!!

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  1. 01. K

    I love Hye Rim Park for not even flinching when her heel broke.

  2. 02. Jillian

    Walking down the runway would be really difficult. The models are so familiar with it. I have sympathy for the newest models.

  3. 03. Shannon

    I would fall down and cry. Seriously these women just get up smile and keep going. Good for them :)

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