Highlighted Fashion Ads this Year

Written By , on November 28, 2007

You don’t read Vogue, Elle, Instyle for the wonderfully deep fashion articles. You read them to see the ads. At least that’s what we’re thinking the editors believe. So it comes as no surprise that we would have our favorites. There was no scientific guess work here, we trolled through our stacks of magazines started scanning a handful of pages and finally picked the ones that we really wanted to highlight.

One thing to note: all of the ads were from print magazines. Few fashion publications online featured ads that we could literally feature in this blog section and perhaps next year maybe January we’ll delve deeper into the subject on magazine side of things. Special mentions include designer ads on Zoozoom.com, the Uniqlo ads on Hint, and the work done on showstudio.com that eventually went into print. You have to wonder why fashion ads are not as gorgeous online as they are on print. It’s not that the media doesn’t exist and the format can have movement, texture and color you would never get in a print ad. Hopefully that changes within the next year or so.

For the time being here are some of our favorite print ads this year:

The Picasso-esque Nordstrom ads were a hit this fall season.
Pierre Hardy

If Louis Vuitton did one thing right this year, it was to place Scarlet J in it’s ads. Lucky for the company it always does more than 10 things right in a year:
Louis Vuitton

Calvin Klein pushes the envelope every season, this season he put the envelope down and went fedex. The lines and silhouette in his fall ads were simply gorgeous, black, white and shades of gray never looked so good:
Calvin Klein

Doing the best Tim Burton impression possible, Vera Wang took the ads for Kohl in a surreal direction:
Vera Wang

Juicy Couture went packing and showed every accessory possible, on top of a car. How can you go wrong?
Juicy Couture

Jimmy Choo went to the airport and brought back Heather Marks. This is a Papierdoll office favorite:
Jimmy Choo

The ad that wasn’t became the talk of early 2007, if only it were real:

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  1. 01. Miss Angel

    Fabulous post!

  2. 02. raq

    what about the prada ad with sasha p. in it? the perfect cat eyes!!!

  3. 03. heather

    thanks for doing this post, it’s wonderful! I love the last one, I just love guy bourdin.
    My favorite was the YSL fall ads.

  4. 04. leah

    i like burtonised vera wang

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