Model Wars

Written By , on December 5, 2007

Channeling our best Zoolander impression and setting the stage for a model fight slash walk off, we decided to pit two of the top buzzworthy models together in a battle for it all. It’s a bit of a tale of the tape type of thing. We (read, I) were floored when Agyness Deyn took home the BFC’s model of the year award over personal favorite Irina Lazareanu. They’re both drop dead gorgeous and they’re both what’s hot right now, but come on, Irina should have won hands down. So now if you search every fashion blog in creation, Agyness is this “it” girl. Damn them all to hell, give more ink/pixels to Irina, please, pretty please. This is the fun and frivolity of fashion blogging folks. Here’s the tale of the tape:

Model Wars

Some disclaimers:
We don’t know their weight because it’s not something that’s generally made publicly available, besides, trust us when we say that neither is going over the “dreaded” 120 pound threshold. The Google popularity index is based on our search for each respective model and how many google pages came up.

News broke this past September in the tabloids that Deyn may actually be 24. Models and their agencies sometimes tend to embellish and apparently Deyn or her agency might have fudged her age. We’d put some sort of poll up and let the reader be the judge in the spirit of this whole web 2.0 thing, but we’re lazy. The point stands though, we love Irina and we’re awarding her the Papierblog model of the year award. Take that BFC.

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  1. 01. Jennifer @ BagBliss

    thanks for the info! … fyi: according to wiki Agyness’ real last name is Hollins.

    Also that “Despite in interviews claiming to be 21 years of age, Deyn is actually 24. Her listing on the Companies House website, under the name Laura Hollins, shows her birthday as February 16, 1983, not as February 16, 1986”

  2. 02. maureen

    I want to add her to myspace does anybody know her last name or email? thanksss

  3. 03. lulu

    Irina is actually born in Romania

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