Peter Som at Bill Blass Pre-Fall 2008

Written By , on December 18, 2007

Someone did their homework and then some. Peter Som’s first full collection for Bill Blass peaked it’s head out only briefly, but from the photos and the press reviews it’s apparent that the designer has done his homework and then some. Som’s Blass is a marked departure from Vollbracht’s Blass. There’s really no comparison, the collection’s not better, not worse, just different. The obvious statement here is if you put up Som’s pre-fall work for Blass up against Vollbracht’s you can see a marked difference. It’s the differing interpretation of sportwear that gets the first notice. If you look at Fall Blass circa 2007, you will see practically every color of the rainbow represented.

That’s not Som’s collection, but again, that’s not a bad thing. It’s just different. Different in a really good way. As a matter of fact I am pushing back from the photos hoping that when this hits the runway the collection will look just as good. If this is foreboding of what’s to come, Som’s Blass might be at or near the top of my personal list come the end of fashion week. For complete photos in the collection visit’s Pre-Fall 08 gallery.

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