Ten Disappointing Moments in Fashion 2007

Written By , on December 27, 2007


2007 was a year of change in fashion. Several designers shifted their employment from one house to another, several designers left the scene altogether, and an even larger batch decided to go out on their own. While we abhor top ten lists, we couldn’t resist creating our 10 disappointing fashion moments of 2007. Being the pessimists that we are, it just felt like the right thing to do. Some things are completely made up for dramatic license (see no. 9) and some things are still playing themselves out with the full results not to be discovered until sometime later into the new year (see no. 5 and no. 1). We stayed away from using the words top ten because as mentioned before we abhor top ten lists and it goes without saying that lists of this nature are completely subjective. We’re sure you will let us know if we missed something. Just don’t send hate mail, our mailboxes are overstuffed.

10. Karl Lagerfeld declares that Amy Winehouse is his new muse. While we were hoping what Lagerfeld said was hyperbole, it alas, was not. We don’t doubt that Winehouse is one of the greatest soul/jazz/insertgenrehere singers of our generation (which incidentally is not saying much, looking at our generation), her troubles with everything were multiplied by … everything. Eff what everyone says, we love her crazy arse beehive.

9. Carine Roitfeld didn’t leave Paris for New York. Excuse our naivete’ but we were hoping this was the year that some sort of announcement would be made from the ivory tower that Ms. Roitfeld would be emigrating from France to New York and morphing that celebrity tabloid into something more into the.. you know.. fashion vein.

8. Hedi Slimane leaves Dior Homme. Next to Raf Simons, Slimane is one of our favorite architects of men’s fashion and we’re sad
that he left Dior Homme. We’re still weeping incessantly like Cinderella waiting for Slimane to change his mind.

7. Anna Wintour decides blog is not such a bad word. While we’re sure she wasn’t directly involved in the decision. Who are we kidding, she’s involved directly in every decision…right? Right?? All of a sudden Style.com decided to launch not 1 but 4 blogs. It’s hard to ignore a medium that allows you to spew vitriol, while seeming authoritative in the process. What we’re disappointed about though is that they didn’t do it earlier.

6. Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 collection. Here’s to hoping the fashion gods don’t attempt to shut down our tiny blog for saying this, but we were expecting to see something along the lines of Jacob’s breathtaking Fall 2007 collection. The emperor had no clothes on this one, literally.

5. Michael Vollbracht announces he’s leaving Bill Blass to find himself. He didn’t necessarily say he was leaving to find himself, but he did leave and we’re heartbroken. But just like losing a boyfriend, a new guy asked us out on a date and we’re intrigued by Peter Som’s pre-fall 2008 collection for Bill Blass.

4. Raf Simons where are you? We’re disappointed that this wasn’t the year of Raf Simons. We’re whores for everything he does but he was somewhat subdued this year. Please Mr. Simons, in 2008 come knocking at our door with something crazysuperfantastic.

3. British Fashion Council decides not to let blog/website photography during London Spring Fashion Week 2008. For some reason the British Fashion Council in its infinite wisdom decided not accredit blog and exclusive fashion website photographers. So getting around was a bit harder (in a Rosa Parks moment, they wouldn’t let them on the photography bus to the venues). Photographers had to get access from each designer individually. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot and cutting your other foot with a chainsaw for good measure. The lackluster coverage of London Fashion Week was upstaged by coverage of New York, Milan and Paris in photos and reviews.

2. The Sarah Jessica Parker / Bitten fiasco. So a couple of bloggers gained access to the Steve and Barry’s website (we’re not sure whether legally or not) but they published photos from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line before Vogue’s exclusivity window. Steve and Barry’s got their panties in a bunch and sent threatening removal letters to bloggers like the Budget Fashionista, Fashiontribes, (we’re assuming Fashionista.com). The fashion blogosphere went nuts once the news broke and faster than you can say I’m not buying Sarah Jessica Parker’s line, Steve and Barry’s PR went into damage control mode. But the damage was done, and SJP’s line was not received as well another Steve and Barry’s Knicks’ $15 pair of sneakers.

1. Valentino announces he is retiring. Valentino cannot leave this thing of ours. How can we aspire to have things we can’t afford if he no longer makes a breathtaking red dress? Things will never be the same. We weep.

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  1. 01. Bag Snob Tina

    Love the list Eva!

  2. 02. Lauren from Second City Style

    Great list! I couldn’t agree more! Especially about the Bitten fiasco. It bit!

  3. 03. missbruno

    Valentino. cannot. retire. ever. We need simple decadence. PLEASE don’t do it to us!

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