Fall '08 Fashion Week Preview: Carlos Miele

Written By , on January 24, 2008

Carlos Miele

Visited Carlos Miele’s store in the meatpacking district to get an idea on the potential direction for his Fall 2008 collection being shown in New York during fashion week. Walked away with two thoughts: first, his store is huge, especially by Manhattan standards, and everything is artistically organized. From the furniture to the clothes on the rack, it is all an experiment in art. Miele considers himself not only a fashion designer, but an artist and booster of the arts. It comes as no surprise that his store would reflect that thinking. His website says as much with a section dedicated solely to Miele’s love.

So what’s on tap for Fall?

Trying to get a read on the designer’s intentions for the fall season is an exercise. We may want to know what we’re wearing from Miele this Fall, but the cues from past seasons are no indication. The previous Fall collection was a dramatic departure from his Fall collection the season prior to that. Last season he toned down the glitz from the fabulous giltz-o-rama that was his previous Fall collection. For Spring 2008 he brought it back just a tinge. He stayed true to his Brazilian metro roots in almost all collections, but that says nothing for this one. All this pondering makes wondering what Miele has cooking in the kitchen that much fun. We’re rsvpd and ready to go. To see photos from his past collection, click here.

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