Don't Be Fooled

Written By , on February 19, 2008


Don’t be fooled by Lindsay Lohan going nude in New York Magazine’s Spring issue. Yes, it reminds us and everyone in the free world of Marilyn Monroe, yes there’s this tragic allegory, yes it is a great looking shoot. But that’s celebrity fluff and we only read celebrity fluff occasionally (hiding copies of Star, People and turning off Tivo’d Access Hollywood). The real gem in this issue is Andre 3000’s new clothing line, Benjamin Bixby. And while we’ve seen the whole rapper does clothing line thing before, there’s some truth in the advertising on this one. Just take a look at any old Outkast video and you’ll see that Andre is the real thing.

We may wonder why EVERY rapper needs their own clothing line, we believe Benjamin has transcended the MC label and has become messianic in his devout belief that short shorts (for men) will make a comeback. (read the article here)

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