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Written By , on April 3, 2008

So the cheeky Gisele Bundchen thing is tearing up the internet and, it reminds me of this makeup blush powder I tried last week. The correlation here is cheeks for the uninitiated. Normally highlight blushes are ignored as overkill. The blush aspect is enough you say. The thing about blush in general though is that it can either end up as too dull or too overpowering. In the case of the latter you can end up looking like some sort of clown, in the case of the former, you can end up looking as if there’s nothing there. In both cases the highlighting blush can help dramatically.

Nars Blush

In case 1: With dull blush the highlighting blush can add accents to your undertones and create that “just right” minimalist effect.

In case 2: The over blush effect is normally ameliorated by simply taking a round brush and spreading it all out. In combination with that effect, Nars Highlight blush comes HIGHLY recommended. Simply take it and LIGHTLY flush it across the area that the original blush was used and voila. Many may say blush on top of blush makes absolutely no sense at all. Try it. Simply try it and depending on the color used it can help blunt the strong effect of the dreaded over-blush.

Nars Blush

To that end NARS has two products that come highly recommended: the highlighting blush (seen above) and the combo blush/bronzer. That caking effect is a thing of the past with these two blush products. It’s something you find common with the cheaper bronze products but this is a cleaner makeup that comes off easily with makeup remover. I’d love it if there was a bit of a moisturizer or SPF product but you can’t get everything. They’re both available here.

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