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Written By , on April 7, 2008

Who says the internet isn’t catching up to print when it comes to lush fashion editorials? Here’s a select number of editorials burning up flat screens online today:

Mood Swings
Mood SwingsPapierdoll Magazine – A bit of self promotion can do no harm. Shot by uber-photographer Kristiina Wilson, this takes Spring fashion and mixes it with a dash of elegance and a healthy serving of formal wear to make just the right statement.

Scenes From a Marriage Zoozoom Magazine – This one was shot by Peter C. Christensen for online glossy Zoozoom. The eyecandy here is the hunk model used for the editorial…dammnnn. The fashions were not bad either, but if you’re looking for a workplace-safe way to ogle what you’d want your husband/boyfriend/friend-you-haven’t-slept-with-yet to look like, check this one out.

Happy – If you’re in the market for a rustic one bedroom, Hint has got the apartment for you. This editorial shot by Therese Aldgard was done in Stockholm Sweden. The beauty unfolds with the first photo, a skirt from Karl Lagerfeld being the main wanted item.

Lag Magazine

Fashion:MatrixLA’G Magazine – This super glossy shoot, shot by Anita Bresser takes a trip into the surreal. By lengthening out out the models and using a variety of shots against artistic installations as backdrops there’s this sense of depth not found in most other shoots online.

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