LaLicious Island Guava Sugar Souffle

Written By , on April 10, 2008


You’ll experience tons of different exfoliators and skin care products in your lifetime, the stores are literally littered with them but aside from the funny name, this Lalicious Island Guava product comes highly recommended according to our intern and now our general staff. As gross as this may sound we only received one so we sorta had a moment where we started sharing this. That has since ended, but still, there’s a feeling that I should not have shared that tidbit of into. Here’s where we try to sound official. As an office test we gave an intern this product to try (new things scare us). The end result is the following:

I tried it for 7 days and found that while there were little visual changes I could really feel smoother skin on my arm after the first two days. So I decided to go full bore and try using it all over. The first thing I noticed is that it leaves a bit of a moisturizer-type sheen on the skin after washing. This is an uncommon but welcomed effect because you literally need not over moisturize your skin. It’s as if the scrub finds a natural balance and gives it a this moisturized residual feel. It wears off as the day goes on but for the first couple of hours it actually feels pretty fantastic. Another thing that gets you right off the bat is the scent. While I wasn’t entirely crazy about having a sugary sweet smell for the rest of the day, it did beat having to apply perfume. It’s a naturally light clean scent. Overall, I’d recommend it without hesitation. If you have oily skin though you may want to be careful using this because it might leave a bit of a residue that exacerbates the problem. I’m glad I definitely have the full product though as I am going to keep using it!

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