Damn, She's Skinny

Written By , on April 16, 2008

skinny model

Peruse through the Washington Post today and you’ll see an image of a model who almost looks dead. She was in Guy Laroche’s 2006 Paris showing and there’s basically no way to describe her besides emaciated. She looks so emaciated that if someone in Haiti saw her they might offer her food. The French are wrangling with the issue of bone thin models right now and it is all over the wires. It may be hard to change the fashion culture when someone like Lagerfeld says the problem is not with models who are too thin but women who have bad eating habits and are too fat. That’s a paraphrase and I’ll link to the actual quote when I find it.

While the topic has been done to exhaustion, seeing a photo like this reinforces the the belief that this has gotten out of hand. A quick glance at older fashion shows (and even something like the Pirelli Calendar) will illustrate that models actually had some sort of form long ago. Models today look like they died last week. So will the French take a hard look at the subject and put protections in place to prevent someone like skeletor from walking the runway? The question remains open.

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  1. 01. The Q

    OH. MY. GOD.
    I’m not the type to blame the ills of society on skinny models–but DAYUM. This poor girl needs a burger and some therapy–STAT.


  2. 02. Bella

    Wowza. She sure does look like she’s about to drop, doesn’t she? Shouldn’t a model NOT have bags under her eyes? Oh, well, she might need a bit of fat on her face to hide them.

  3. 03. Anjli

    Hi, I think the quotation from Karl Lagerfeld about fat women with poor eating habits comes from his interview with Prestige Magazine. I read excerpts from the interview at jezebel.com: http://jezebel.com/378030/10-things-karl-lagerfeld-could-do-without?cpage=2.
    Hope this helps! :)

  4. 04. de

    She looks so emaciated that if someone in Haiti saw her they might offer her food.
    a lil mean don’t you think?

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