Damn, She's Skinny

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  1. The Q says:

    OH. MY. GOD.
    I’m not the type to blame the ills of society on skinny models–but DAYUM. This poor girl needs a burger and some therapy–STAT.


  2. Bella says:

    Wowza. She sure does look like she’s about to drop, doesn’t she? Shouldn’t a model NOT have bags under her eyes? Oh, well, she might need a bit of fat on her face to hide them.

  3. Anjli says:

    Hi, I think the quotation from Karl Lagerfeld about fat women with poor eating habits comes from his interview with Prestige Magazine. I read excerpts from the interview at jezebel.com: http://jezebel.com/378030/10-things-karl-lagerfeld-could-do-without?cpage=2.
    Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. de says:

    She looks so emaciated that if someone in Haiti saw her they might offer her food.
    a lil mean don’t you think?

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