Falling for Heels

Written By , on April 24, 2008

6 Inch Heels

How does one walk on 6 inch heels? Simple. Have a guy hold you up as you’re walking. That was the Gwyneth Paltrow solution as she walked in her 6 inch heels. The New York Daily News has an article on that topic and while they don’t cover any new ground the photo gallery alone of models falling in their heels is worth the price of admission. Have heels gotten out of control? In a word yes. 6 inch heels cause nodules on your feet, ask Posh. The solution according to the article is wearing a mix of flats at times and then wearing heels. Designers are not creating heels for comfort, the very notion is anti-thetical to what heels are all about. Heels are meant to be beautiful, almost artlike (see Louboutin post earlier this week).

So to answer the original question: How does one walk on 6 inch heels, practice, practice practice.

Speaking of shoes, DSW has finally opened their online store.

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  1. 01. JoyAn

    Another solution…don’t be a dumbass and wear shoes impossible to walk in.

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