Getting Off The Heels

Written By , on May 1, 2008

Pierre Hardy

Commenter Joy An left a quick quip on a recent post that maybe women should stop wearing high heels altogether if they can’t manage walking in them, nevermind the pain that comes with walking on a pair of 6 inchers. Gwyneth Paltrow obviously is paying no attention to Joy An as she’s ameliorating the heel pain by going to the doctor and getting holistic treatment for her back. The question is does she have a back ailment from routine aging like some people do, or is it a direct result of wearing ultra-high heels. Most would vote for the latter ahead of the former.

It’s hard not to want to wear something super-ultra luxuriously high, especially when it adds inches and creates a gorgeous silhouette, but Joy An, your point it taken. Heels are not for the faint of heart, or feet.

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