Where are They Going?

Written By , on May 5, 2008

Michael Kors

Here’s a random question for you. Since the advent of the fashion photo shoot, designers have been in love with the whole airplane-runway to black car theme. The question is, what message are they trying to convey with the whole going somewhere theme? A recent ad that got this question to come up is Michael Kors’ campaign for his signature perfume line. Again we see a beautiful woman apparently just exiting a plane and going directly to her waiting car. While we can smell the perfume, we just know she’s wearing Michael Kors. How could she not be? She is a trendsetter jumping from one locale to another and if she’s going to wear a perfume that enables her to do this sort of thing, it must be Kors.

And while Michael is not the only one who does this sort of jet setting ad it is the most recent example. Granted there’s nothing wrong with it, you just have to wonder the point of it all. Wouldn’t it be much simpler to have a photo of the bottle against a white background? If you like anything Michael Kors, surely you will love his perfume whether on a runway or a white background? Right?

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