Greatest Fashion Entrepreneurs

Written By , on May 7, 2008

Ralph LaurenSurely Success Magazine’s list of greatest fashion entrepreneurs is missing a name or two. The three top fashion entrepreneurs according to the magazine include Ralph Lauren (but of course), Levi Strauss (ok two for two), and Phil Knight (hold them there horses). Knight may have created the top athletic brand in Nike, but it was arguably as a result of creative, successful marketing than being so utterly fashionable. For athletic wear that’s fashionable all one has to do is look at Puma. So to really get to the bottom of things, Knight is more at home being the successful marketing entrepreneur/guy than fashion.

While Success did not solicit for additions here are a couple of names they may be missing altogether: Coco Chanel (helped build sprawling fashion empire), Louis Vuitton (see Coco Chanel), Rene Lacoste (who bridged the athletic/fashion gap)… the list goes on and there’s sure to be hand wringing over any that was missed here.

Read Success Magazine’s Greatest Fashion Entrepreneurs article here

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