The Other Obama Last Night

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  1. Tali says:

    Michelle looked absolutely stunning, as always!! Her and Obama are my inspiration couple.*

  2. Ms Tee says:

    Damn the woman is hot……..Even my boyfriend commented and he hardly comments on how women look to me…………She will be a great first lady

  3. Casmi says:

    I believe Alexander McQueen design the dress, or it is a dead ringer for one in his collection.

  4. wanj says:

    You are too funny.. last night was not about Barack but about Michelle. I love this woman’s style! I’ve noticed she loves to wear belts. I’ve even bought myself a killa one since I started noticing her style.

    That dress is designed by a Maria in Chicago

  5. Knownaim says:

    Maria Pinto, the former Geoffrey Beene assistant

  6. Agreed – that dress was hot and she has great style. I also liked your side remark about the rump smacking incident 😉

  7. LaShanta says:

    Per the New York Times article on June 9 “What grabbed the eye was the sleeveless purple silk crepe sheath made for Obama by Maria Pinto, the former Geoffrey Beene assistant who has long been an Obama favorite. Simple in silhouette and, at about $900 retail, not the kind of garment most working-class voters can reasonably aspire to, the dress was immediately subject to water cooler dissection.

    The belt Michelle Obama wore was another signature accessory, something Vanity Fair noted when adding her last year to its International Best-Dressed List. “That Azzedine AlaĂŻa belt that she wore 15-plus months ago signified to me that this woman had an independent and strong and distinct fashion sense,” said Amy Fine Collins, a special correspondent at Vanity Fair and a guardian of the 68-year-old list.”

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