Put your Sneakers on

Written By , on June 16, 2008

There’s no room for being pretentious here, Vanessa Hudgens “Sneakernight” song is just way too catchy. Yes, it may be an advertisement for some sneaker brand waiting to happen but it is so damned catchy. The operative word hair is catchy, not necessarily “good”. But good/catchy are interchangeable phrases when watching a video and snapping your fingers as she’s saying “see, what we’re gonna do is dance,” blah, blah, yadda, yadda. The point is, this fashion infused, footwear centric song is big for reasons no one here can understand. For now, someone has to stop us from pressing replay on the Youtube button.

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  1. 01. shilo

    poor girls god leave them alone

  2. 02. Rob

    This is RETARDED!!!

  3. 03. Jess

    I searched this song because I heard a radio station making fun of it. Have you listened to the lyrics!?? Honestly, this is sad. If this song ever makes any money I will barf on myself *barfs on self* – oh shit.

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