Wanted: Fashion Shopper to earn $80,000 + a year for shopping

Written By , on June 24, 2008

Fashion Buyer

God Bless the Wall Street Journal for highlighting my next new job if this blogging thing turns out to be some sort of fad. Alina Dizik has an article today in the Wall Street Journal looking at a job that will have most women who shop swooning. Imagine getting a therapeutic massage everyday. That’s the great news about being a buyer, but a fellow Papierdoller who used to be a buyer tells me the downsides as well. Not everything is roses when you have to function as a person responsible for the direct success of a company. For example let’s say you are a buyer at store X and you end up buying what you think is going to be the next big thing in fashion (sneakers with heels for instance). Let’s say that the idea gets no traction, you may end up costing the company millions of dollars. It’s a crude but effective example of the pitfalls. Still, Dizik’s article points out some great perks of being a buyer:

1. Shopping (a lot of your job is taken up in this department)
2. Traveling (sometimes you have to go to where the designers are )
3. High Salary ( the better you are, the more you make)
4. Fashion Week (yes, you get to go and be treated like royalty, if you’re from a top store and even mid-size stores)

Be prepared for 10 hour plus days… being a buyer isn’t all glamor.

Read the article here.

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