Wedge Issues…for Men

Written By , on June 26, 2008


The Times Online today looks at what is becoming a troubling fashion trend (at least to me). There seems to be this growing need to make male fashions feminine. Coming straight from the runways of Milan and into the stores sometime this fall are wedges…for men. While some men may marvel at the thought of suddenly becoming taller, there’s a serious question of how womanly do you want your masculine man to look? At the Papierdoll fashion week event in February there were several men wearing male versions of pumps. Yes, there are male versions of pumps. The manly men that chose to wore manly shoes, looked at their pump wearing counterparts as if they were some sort of freakshow attraction.

The point is, maybe there is something to this whole wedges for men, but there may be a point where guys say enough already with the emasculation of our species. We won’t wear wedges that look like they came from the Wizard of Oz.

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  1. 01. thatgirl!

    haha. This is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. However they use to actually wear “heels” in the 1800’s…so it is not too mind boggling. However, I know that I would never want to see or catch my boyfriend wearing a “man pump”

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