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Written By , on July 8, 2008

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Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs

If Marc Jacobs’ intention is re-purposing West Side Story in these kitten heels, his job is more than accomplished. While everyone is going for the uncomfortably high skyscraper heels that take about a month to break in (ask Mrs. Paltrow-Martin), Jacobs has decidedly gone in a different direction for the retail folks. Witness a recent trip to the Eluxury online store and the finding of several lower heeled variants. It’s not as if the medieval shoe craze: buckled 6-inch t-strapped pumps, patent booties and bootie-mules are going to go away, but there’s hope in Jacobs jaunt to comfortably stylish shoe world.

Marc Jacobs

Mrs. Beckham’s noduled feet can finally exhale.

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  1. 01. Cassie

    West Side Story indeed! I think you got it in one. But then it’s not a bad look…

    Maybe we should go the whole way – maybe we should wear ruffle dresses with colour co-ordinated patent shoes. Or maybe – we should wear coloured patent shoes with straight lined, stiff, styalized black dresses…and that will throw them…

    Love Cass.

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