Project Runway Runway Season 5 or..I am sure we've done this before

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  1. Hi Eva,

    Thanks for the mention! Do you really think the show has jumped the shark? I was actually surprised the first episode was as good as it was. I was expecting less (I’m loving Stella!). Sadly Tam deserved to go. Too bad the audience did not get to see his awesome design talent….he really messed up. IMO.

  2. Laiton01 says:

    Tam did not deserve to go. While his design might not have been strong enough, plus with those gloves it was a tad creepy, he did something. It was a garmet, something the model could wear. What Stella threw together was sad, garbage bags that I could have done with little construction experience. Stella will be a one trick pony, coughing up rock n roll leather clothing. At least Jeff in season 3 knew construction and would try anything. Sending Tam home was wrong, proving that the show has turned into personality/drama versus design talent.

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