Lovely Lovenia

Written By , on August 5, 2008


I was introduced to this designer’s collection a little late in the season, but Lovenia by designer Heidi Handler is just too wonderful for me not to talk about. With the sophisticated styles inspired by the 1920’s, and use of fabrics such as mud-dyed French silks, cashmeres, and muslin layers, Handler’s collection appeals to the young party girl and the more mature woman as well.


Handler is a former model, who model for the likes of the late Gianni Versace. After taking a few classes in Miami, and New York she enrolled in Angewandte Kunst Schule in Vienna, Austria. Though her collection is still young she has been noted by WWD several times, and her collection has been seen on shows such as Dancing with the Stars.

The femininity and classic styling of Lovenia is sure to draw a large following.

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  1. 01. Anna

    I love the sophisticated look of the line, the origami elements make the pieces look so unusual and fresh!

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