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Bangkok International Fashion Fair..or BIFF for short

Written By , on August 6, 2008

Bangkok International Fashion Fair

If you get images of Caucasian socialites playing tennis and sweaters ties at the sleeves lowly hanging around the neck then you have the wrong idea about BIFF. BIFF is actually an acronym for a favorite event of mine, the Bangkok International Fashion Fair. This season according to BIFF there’s set to be over 60 designers featured. They are split into three specific sections:

Now- 40 young designer with an attention to detail and less than 8 years of designing experience (it’s always fun to see young designers who are unfettered by convention)

Next – A group of 8 designers with established brands and over 8 years of experience

Design Circle – a group offering their expertise in the fashion world which includes freelance designers, industrial designers and international design professionals

The now and next groups really seem as if they should be rearranged (Now being Next and Next being Now) but I won’t argue with the way things are done as long as the creativity flows through.

The event takes place August 27th to the 31st

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