The Ultimate Fashion Week Crash – Calvin Klein Party New York

Written By , on September 7, 2008

Security is going to be tighter than at the Republican National coverage (ok, that’s not saying much) But for those who enjoy finding inventive ways of being in places they have absolutely no business, this is the ultimate crash. Here’s the 411:

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is celebrating his 40th anniversary in the fashion industry. The company reportedly spent $3 million to make this happen and flew in smoothly shaved filipino cabana boys as waiters (ok, they’re partially shaved), thye commissioned an architect to build the temporary structure over rail yards on the far west side of Manhattan. Tons of celebrities are going to be there, the foie gras is being flown in directly from Paris and some super secret female vocalist is going to perform.

We won’t know who she is until the curtains go up. Some of what was said here is completely made up, but the party is real and the amount of money spent is extremely real. There will be no crash quite like this one.I can’t giveaway how I will be attempting my crash but just think Bruce Lee in Chinese Connection.

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