Fashion Week IM Conversation

Written By , on September 8, 2008

Sometimes all you have to do is copy and paste an IM conversation during fashion week to see what people really think. Here’s an IM convo between myself and Sam (our Publisher) regarding Marc Bouwer’s online fashion week show and the difficulty gaining access to the highfalutin shows:

Marc Bouwer

Eva: So did you see Marc Bouwer’s fashion invite?

Sam: Online shit if fucking cool

Sam: if = is

Eva: Yeah but why not just hold a traditional show?

Sam: Please, you guys always complain about having to be in “standing” as opposed to sitting down with all the “cool” folk

Eva: I can deal with standing, you get to leave before all the cool folk

Sam: So are you going to watch the show and stand at home during it just to get the real feeling of fashion week?

Eva: Yes and yes, then I’ll act like a pretentious lily anglo PR girl and tell myself I can’t get into the Donna Karan show.

Sam: What is with going to shows like that? If you can’t get in just don’t go, honestly there’s much better fare anyway. You won’t have to deal with obnoxious PR people, you won’t have to blow anyone to get in and you won’t have to talk about the genius that is Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors…and the silhouettes…yadda.. blah

Eva: Yeah but you’re not cool unless you go to one of their shows.

Sam: We were never cool Eva.

Sam: You mean to tell me, seriously, you’d rather go to those shows where you’ve seen everything before and see shitty ass celebrities rather than going to hot shit like Akiko, Twinkle, B Michael, shit…Unconditional showed in New York.

Eva: If Gareth Pugh were in NY I’d co-sign.

Sam: Pugh a couple of season’s ago sent a model down in a striped plastic poncho naked.

Eva: I know.

Sam: Can’t wait to see London, Anne-Marie’s photos always kick ass and with the exception of a few, New York’s designers are templates of every season. London’s crazy.

Eva: co-sign. What up with getting me a flight out there?

Sam: You have a better chance of getting into Donna Karan.

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