The Truthi–ness of Zufi

Written By , on October 8, 2008

Zufi Alexander handbag

To use hip-hop vernacular, Zufi Alexander is “the truth”. Word. Her collection of bags will make women scream in delight like little school girls and there’s no reason not to. Alexander’s collection has been a staple for high end fashion lovers in Asia for quite some time. Her collection has grown from a handful -to an army of handbags, clutches, hobos and accessories the discerning lux collector will want for their handbag library.

I found her by accident. A forward from Sam led me on my travels to Zufi and I couldn’t get off her site. Every bag was better than the next. There was a decidedly Asian feel to them, I couldn’t quite put my hands on what it was that made these bags feel like I haven’t seen it before. The stitching, the use of colors and the material used (check out the ostrich bag), all say that Alexander’s bags are going to be around for awhile. There’s sustainability in the design. See her complete collection here.

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