Lauren Conrad Harbinger of CelebrityWear Doom?

Written By , on October 16, 2008

Lauren Conrad

Later this week (ok Friday) we’ll be posting some photos from Los Angeles Fashion Week you know, the shows you care about. The ones that that are off the beaten path and actually mean something to this whole clustereff that is keeping up with the joneses in fashion. Today’s topic for digestion though is Lauren Conrad’s fashion show at Los Angeles Fashion Week. It was a by the numbers great show. Huh? Meaning that Conrad’s show was what you’ve come to expect celebrity designer from SoCal.

Either you love it or hate it.

The problem with it and in larger measure with celebrity wear is that it’s not exactly selling like those god awful hotcakes that everyone mentions that sell…like..hotcakes. As a matter of fact, according to The WSJ which sources New York Times for this quote, Fraser Ross of Kitson’s said he was dropping the line altogether. A commenter posted on that same blog that she was surprised by the quality of Conrad’s line, as if she expected to be less-than-above par. Well let me be the first to tell all of what the inherent problem with celebrity wear is: it’s not that good. Shhh don’t tell anyone.

Think of Justin Timberlake’s collection, early Sean John stuff (and some recent forgettables), Heidi Montag, Victoria Beckham and to a lesser extent Jovovich-Hawk. Carmen Hawk’s stuff is completely excusable I am just using it for dramatic effect and possibly to prove a point. The obvious conclusion and I’ll say it anyway, sometimes fashion is best left to the experts.

Stella McCartney had the whole rock star gene thing but ignored it and decided her celebrity was based on designing clothes. See how that worked out well for everyone?

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  1. 01. lacouturier

    i hate to say it, but i dont like it. her collection isn’t bad, but its nothing special. i just feel like any girl who has the chance & the money to hire a team of designers could do that.

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