The Fashion Auction to End All Fashion Auctions

Written By , on October 30, 2008


You know how sometimes you hear about fashion auctions and you hear about wonderful clothing being sold off to the highest bidder. You think to yourself, wow, if I could only be apart of that bidding. Then you realize your bank account will only allow you to purchase Starbucks. That’s exactly how I felt this morning when read about Christie’s London having a avant-garde fashion auction.

I call this the auction to end all auctions because it contains over 250 pieces from the personal collection of Kat Rodriguez and Mark Haddawy, owners of Resurrection. The two fashion lovers own the Resurrection boutiques in both New York and Los Angeles. What’s improtant about these two though is that the fashions on display (and for sale) span nearly 4 decades. I’m talking classics from Norma Kamali, Balenciaga, three early dresses from Marc Jacobs (circa 1991 if you must know). This is a collection that you wonder whether the items should be worn or simply placed in glass time capsule.

All told, the auction is expected to bring in between $442,000 and $530,000. The auction is happening today and I’ll possibly bring you a report on what fetch the highest price tag as soon as that info becomes available.

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  1. 01. Stylechica

    I wonder why they decided to auction off their collection. Do you know?

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