False Loubs

Written By , on July 17, 2009


I was screwing around online the other night and saw an ad for deeply discounted Christian Louboutins.  I went to the site and almost had a heart attack.  Loubs for $155, no, it isn’t possible.  The website seemed a little sketchy, certain details on most retailers websites were missing, but they were accepting major credit cards and had a return policy (with a 20% restocking fee — wtf?).  I was hopeful.  I emailed the site, asking if they were for real.  After a couple of days I didn’t recieve a response and I saw an article from the Daily News exposing a bevy of online retailers selling fake Choos and Loubs.  I knew immediately that what seemed to be too good to be true was.

The real problem with this is that these shoes come from foreign sweat shops where young children are enslaved.  And whose owners recieve funds to propagate drug trafficking and human trafficking as well (i.e. prostitutes, women sold as sex workers against their will).  In the article one instance was cited in which children under eight years old were found stitching leather bags together.  Their limbs had been broken to prevent escape, their bottom legs tied to their thighs to prevent healing of the broken bones.

Even if you don’t mind a pair of “good” fakes, please think of the crime that perpetuates it, and try to hold out for the real thing.

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