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Written By , on August 16, 2009


I am a devotee of Ms. Aniston.  And let’s face it, whether we should or not, we love to compare her to that mythical uber woman Angelina (and we all know why). 

Jen’s curvy, toned body, with all the lady lumps in the right places, is a triumph of health over waifishness.  And although Angie’s hair is nice and all, it’s Jen’s hair that we’ve been obsessed with for well over a decade.

When it comes to threads, there is no comparison of the two.  Jen has style, she wears her clothes.  Angelina wears shapeless dress after shapeless dress to serious events.  These blousson things wear her.  Yeah, she recently showed up in a sexy Michael Kors leather sheath dress to a premier, but I say too little too late to be thought of as a real player on the stage of fashion.  Jen’s choices say, “I don’t have to under or over adorn what is naturally beautiful, I’m chill, I’m cool, to life I say, ‘right on’.   

My point here:  I’m team Aniston and the recent article in Elle’s September issue made me even more so.  It’s a beautiful article, extremely well written by Aniston’s business partner and best friend.  There are some incredibly insightful quotes from Jen about life. Usually I hate it when actors wax poetic about the meaning of it all.  But Jen is actually intelligent enough to do so.

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