Gaga plays Lady Liberty with Marc Jacobs in Latest Issue of V Magazine

Written By , on September 2, 2010

V Magazine is quickly proving to be one of the top fashion mags in the biz (along with Interview Magazine, moreso indirectly). This month’s issue is a shot across the bow of other magazines primarily because the reigning queen (and king if you are to believe some salacious rumors) of Facebook is splashed all across the pages of V Magazine wearing Lady Liberty’s clothing. Lady Gaga went into the Statue of Liberty’s closet and stole her look for what would appear to be a pretty penny. Decked out in the latest in couture, Lady Gaga is accompanied by none other than fashion wunderkind himself Marc Jacobs. He’s pushing her in a cart he’s admiring her from a far, he’s suited up to go wherever a designer like Marc Jacobs would take a celebrity like Lady Gaga.

The Lady Gaga / Marc Jacobs fest of V hits newsstands today so pick yourself up a copy.

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  1. 01. Emily Jerman

    great combination – i love the yards and yards of tulle skirting in the trolley/limo!

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