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Japan says No to Paris Hilton

Written By , on September 22, 2010

Paris Hilton was refused entry to Japan yesterday. The hotel heiress was due to enter Japan to promote her namesake fashion line when she was told in no uncertain terms she wasn’t allowed to visit the country. Questioned for over 6 hours over a span of two days at Narita airport, Hilton was unceremoniously booted as a result of her drug charges. Paris Hilton’s row with Japanese authorities stemmed from recent legal entanglements having to do with drug possession. Japan prohibits anyone convicted of drug charges to enter into the country. Paris Hilton was set to promote her fashion and perfume line launched several years ago that’s seen a modicum of success in the American markets.

Paris Hilton’s publicist states that she’s going to reschedule the visit to Japan, but Japanese authorities made no mention of whether she would be welcomed into the country. Hilton tweeted the news to her fans, “Going home now,” she tweeted. “So disappointed to miss my fans in Asia. I promise to come back soon. I love you all! Love Paris xoxo.”

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