Kim Kardashian’s New Way to be Nude in W Magazine

Written By , on October 12, 2010

Imagine for a minute Kim Kardashian nude. Can’t do it? Is it possibly because you’ve seen various nudes of Kim Kardashian already on websites that claim to have pictures of her? This time W Magazine went all Hugh Hefner on us and scooped the real thing, tastefully, of course. Normally it’s easy to dismiss this as a puff piece on Kardashian. W flips the script once again though and gives us Kim Kardashian uncensored (visually and in words), matter-of-factly telling us she dances on tables for the camera and when the camera goes off she’s back to normal. She also . Kardashian is presented as the anti-Paris Hilton of sorts in this interview and to a certain extent she is; minus the sex-tape, high paid party appearances, reality shows and beaver shots coming out of exotic cars…Hey wait a minute W!! You pulled a fast one on us. She’s not Paris Hilton, She’s Paris Hilton 3.0 or something.

Attention getting Kim Kardashian interview aside, W’s 3rd annual art issue really is a good read. Pick up worthy.

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