The Detachable Heel System – Myth or Real?

Written By , on October 19, 2010

Someone’s thought of this before I’m sure, but no one’s actually gone on the record to propose this until now. Patrice L. Howard is being met with indifference, skepticism and even ridicule in some circles, but I feel she may be onto something. This intrepid fashion inventor has come up with an ingenious way to accessorize an accessory. Imagine if you will, a high heel shoe that has interchangeable heels. Change the heel you say? Ridiculous! Yes, but what if you want a red heel with your black pump or a brown heel with your open toe heel? You’d have to buy an altogether new shoe right? Wrong. Howard’s system allows you to safely fasten a new heel to the shoe, thus changing the appearance of the shoe and the shoe itself! Ever break a heel on a subway grating? Change the heel. Quite ingenious really. Ever the scientist, I took a look at Patrice’s shoe design and yes the shape of the shoe will have to remain the same at all times (you can’t -in theory- make a flat out of a heel). She has a video on Youtube demonstrating how the system would work and it looks quite promising. One suggestion, Detachable Heel System cannot be the final name. Suggestions anyone?

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