“I want Lanvin not flowers”

Written By , on November 2, 2010

One of the most highly anticipated collaborative collections has been revealed – to the press at least. With it there is a short film, which you can watch here, showing the collection growing in stages. A clever story of love, sex appeal, and inspiration. I have watched over and over, its hypnotic.

A blend of the iconic Lanvin design, material and touch of Alber has been brought to the masses. These are the millions that look up to him so much twice a year when he shows on the runway, and then silently sigh, or in my case weep, because it will always be a dream, not a reality that a piece of Lanvin will grace my wardrobe.

The menswear is just as exciting as the women’s range, and it fits well. A cheeky try on from a male journalist proved that the cut was quality. Over sized bow ties and metallic shoes embraced the quirkiness for the men, and they matched well with the classic of the trench and thin knit cardigans.

For the ladies its all out glamour, even the t-shirts illustrated by Alber’s designs are jewel encrusted and sequined.

illustration: alber elbaz

The extravagance of Lanvin is mirrored in the one shouldered puffs of silk, the many layers of tulle and ribbons which adorn the dresses and even the shoes.

source:H&M photographer: david sims

This is all before we even get to the packaging, which is as beautiful.

For the UK it is a selected store launch on November 23rd but its one week earlier for the US (lucky people). I made my Christmas list just in this one room, but there is no way this will be in store for that long. Anyway, I feel like I am rambling, and I think I need to summerise –

What ever you are doing on November 23rd, cancel it, the queues will be a long but so worth it at the end.

For now it’s back to the video on a loop and dreams of Lanvin gifts at my door.

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