The Ralph Lauren Machine

Written By , on November 10, 2010

After 10 years of e-commerce sales in the States, Ralph Lauren has launched in the UK. Having literally only just gone live it also coincided with the screenings the new 4d videos. The video represented 10 years of digital growth, showing many different parts of the well known brand, from the bags, leathers, runway to the sports and fragrance. All of which are now available from the UK site, whether on your computer or your Iphone you can now shop the American lifestyle, and if you choose, make it your own by customising certain pieces.

Ralph Lauren Store, London

These presentations were beamed across the fronts of the flag ships stores here in London, on Bond Street, and in NYC at Madison Avenue. Over here there were thick crowds, fighting the bitter chill to watch the much hyped spectacle. As we filed out of the store having been treated to champagne, nibbles and a rest bite from the cold, the music began, cheers started and then a hush as the picture story unfolded.

I have some stills and video footage of the presentation and for atmosphere they are definitely worth watching, but for quality filming leave to the professionals and here you can see how its supposed to look.

My films are in the following links – Ralph, Ralph 2, Ralph3

The filming and music was dramatic which befits the surroundings and what was being achieve both here and in New York.

Runway looks walked down the stairs towards us, then familiar pieces covered the windows – dressing them. After the cascading fragrance petals finale, Ralph popped out to say thanks in his smart/casual way, naturally epitomising all that is Ralph Lauren. That is probably why as a brand, it is so successful. It is him, he knows what he likes and is not trying to be some one different. However trying to keep up with the ever changing technology is important and I think from the crowds and comments this evening he has done just that.

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