Bon Chance

Written By , on January 11, 2011

The scene: Our First Lady of Fashion, Vogue Paris, has been suddenly separated from its long time mentor and partner, Carine Roitfeld. As the news filters through the fashion world, the rumours begin…Disbelieving posts on Twitter and social media pages fill the silence and try to answer the question – who can save our Lady as she free falls into the unknown?  Still, the comment that makes me smile is from Derek Blasberg, “She (or he) has some seriously big over the knee high heeled lace-up Alaia shoes to fill.”

source: TheStyleSpy

As the cogs continue to turn and the debate rages on – where has Carine gone, what will she do and who with… a silent figure emerges from stage left – our new heroine. Enter Emmanuelle Alt.

As the Fashion Director of the title for as many years as Carine was Editor, she has made her own statements, in her own way.


She knows the title well and will continue to create and expand the potential of this First Lady in Fashion. Bereft of make up and an understated, but no less polished, style of her own. She oozes Parisian street style chic, making us wish we could wear what she does so effortlessly, radiating poise and assurance.


With these qualities our new heroine should glide into the role. Bon Chance, although I don’t believe that much luck is needed.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance Fashion Stylist and writer. For more information click through

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