Rain Man

Written By , on January 19, 2011

It never usually rains it pours in England, but then on the day of the Mackintosh store launch, where was the downpour? No where to be seen. Typical. The store is on the exclusive Mount Street in Mayfair, and sits neatly along side the labels of Christian Louboutin, Lanvin and Balenciaga, to name but a few. To compliment the space in design, Wonderwall Architects have created a light and modern look, but does not detract from the traditional heritage brand. Founder  Masamichi Katayama says of the project “my goal was to create restrained beauty, as it was important for Mackintosh to show that even their new collections are derived from history and archives”.

Center stage on the lower floor ladies room there is a glass cylinder in which a piece from the heritage range is hung. Tonight it was a vibrant red traditional mackintosh. It was surrounded by many collaborations, resulting in a rainbow of colour and print.

The Red mac with glass droplets of rain in the cylinder.

Rainbows and lace



As I passed by the gallery of hanging coats, they caught my eye. The stitching and attention to detail is quite astounding. Each Mac is hand made by a craftsman who has taken a three year apprenticeship to qualify to make these garments, this coat oozes refined style and quality.

The menswear is just as beautiful, if not more. It made me wonder what the smaller sizes were, just in case I decided that I should make a return visit to try some styles, all in the name of research, naturally. The finishing details used in the collars and trims set them on a level with the very best.

Funnel necks, linings and toggles

As I left into the clear dry evening, I willed it to rain, just a little, for the sake of the Mac.

Emily Jerman lives in London and is a freelance stylist/writer and contributor to Papierblog. For further details visit : www.emilyjerman.com

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