The Michael Angel Effect

Written By , on August 30, 2012

It’s hard to miss designer Michael Angel’s Fall 2012 collection. Filled with strong forceful prints, even more rigid lines, a mastery of color selection and an attention to detail nearly unparalleled in fashion. We saw this in the Spring 2012 collection and this is more so the case in the Fall 2012 collection. An evolution of sorts, Michael Angel went from sirens-loud in Spring, to muted attention-getting in the Fall. Every color, every detail is intelligently placed with rhyme and reason outlined but not overstated.

You know why the jacket below is cut just above the waist, it works well and is effortless on the female form. It’s exacting to the millimeter.

The trousers provide just enough room to be loose in the right place (just above the knee and straight through the calf) without being outlandishly big.

The shoulder-less dress is sexy just enough, but also serious. It’s adult without being boring.

There’s anticipation for a Spring 2013 collection and the hope is it continues this designer’s evolution. What’s next is unpredictable, but more than welcome.

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