Jenny Packham’s Own Drumbeat

Written By , on August 31, 2012

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A closet without at least one Jenny Packham dress is pretty much one without a soul. Jenny Packham is one of the rare designers you can call a dressmaker. That title is rarely used and hearkens back to a day when the person creating the dress focused on several different functions and points on the form of a dress. A dressmaker would look at the female form, understood the style and culture of an era and would express his/her imagination in fabric and cut. Jenny Packham has done this for several seasons. The Fall 2012 collection had very little flash. It was more substantive and unmistakable Packham.

She made no apologies for her liberal use of sequins, crystals and other adornments on the dresses, nor should she. There was rhyme and reason behind this dressmaker slash designer’s collection. With that said, we can only look forward with a rushed excitement for what Packham has up her sleeve for the Spring 2013 collections. She debuts it this September during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

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