Ann Demeulemeester Spring/Summer 2013 – Paris

Written By , on September 28, 2012

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If while looking through the photos of Ann Demeulemeester’s collection you’re reminded of Flash Gordon or your conjuring up images of Ming the Merciless, you’re not far off. Obscure references to 1980 film’s aside, Ann Demeulmeester’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is voluminous in parts of outfits that are usually spare, and spare in parts of outfits that are usually voluminous. An example are the near floor-length sleeves that consisted primarily of wispy, light, airy fabric but were in excess, because…they were near the floor. Under normal circumstances this would seem bulky and impossible to pull off, but this is Ann Demeulemeester and in keeping with the Ann Demeulmeester aesthetic, this comes off effortlessly. Even more from the collection shimmery calf-length pants, voluminous gowns that mimicked 2012 future outfits that were imagined in 1980, hence the Flash Gordon reference.

I will say this, Anne Demeulemeester’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is one of my favorites of the fashion week season because the collection looks as impossible to wear in person as it does in photos (floor length sleeves), but it *is* possible, and easy at that. Pulling this off, is no simple feat. It’s genius.

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