The New Intermix

Written By , on October 2, 2012

Was able to log on to the new Intermix shopping site today and was thoroughly impressed. The brand has put together a bunch of great features. On the whole we’re not breaking new ground here, but the site makes it oh so much easier to shop than in the past, and is comparable to other industry leaders. You have a nice tool kit that follows you wherever you go on the site (floating on the right side of the page). You can immediately see what’s in your shopping bag by moving the mouse over the bag icon and you can easily log into your account. Not bad.

What’s the selection like you ask?

Same great Intermix selection of items. The homepage on first visit had a Helmut Lang blazer and a bunch of other items easily added to my virtual online shopping bag. If there were any real complaints they were minor. As an online shopper I’m accustomed to sections that drop me right into a selection of items. Intermix elegantly breaks down the number of items you can select from a master hierarchy of items: tops are subdivided into blouses, sweaters, tees and a weird section called “Night Out”. I know what “Night Out” means, but if we’re going with different events, as opposed to the practical application of what’s being worn, I say go whole hog: “Night Out”, “Casual Dining”, “Fun with Friends”, “Hot Date”… you get the picture.

Another tiny gripe is the font size on some of the pages. Not a major deal since press ctrl + fixes that, but I kind of want to read what I am buying in an easier fashion.

As said before, these are not major distractions, and they do not detract from what’s a great shopping experience. Intermix, this is a win.

Visit Intermix Online here.

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