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Plenty of great fashion posts this week on the web from a roster of a-list fashion bloggers. 55 Secret Street looks at high heel protection from an interesting product. Pear shaped women get some love from the Stiletto Jungle. BagSnob gets an exclusive from Pierre Hardy (you can read below to find out). Naturally the top posts are all listed here so get your read on now.

55 Secret Street discovers her SoleMates – discreet high heel protection for everything from cobblestone walks to the mean sidewalks on New York City.

A Few Goody GumDrops has just ordered the ultimate Digital Goody from Vivienne Tam!

Stiletto Jungle names the best jeans for pear-shaped women.

Allie is Wired has the first pictures of Gwen Stefani’s new baby, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.

Bag Snob exclusive: Pierre Hardy bags!

Beauty Snob glows with Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer!

Christina Loves… amazing overnight hair treatment, Kronos Phyx.

Coquette gets cozy with the hoodie scarf.

Debutante Clothing is in awe of Resurrection’s avant garde fashion at Christie’s London.

Fashion Pulse is mesmerized by Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2009 Collection.

KRISTOPHER is wanting, wearing, hating Jimmy Choo clutches.

Ladybrille captures fun pictures from Nollywood A-List Actress Stephanie Okereke’s Through the Glass Film Premiere!.

In this economy pretty much anything is negotiable. Second City Style offers tips how to bargain for a better deal.

Shopping and Info found out who made Angelina Jolie’s dress from the Hollywood Film Festival Gala.

StyleBakery went on a recession-proof shopping spree and found must-haves to wear now and forever

Stylehive brings you a sneak peek of Edun’s stylishly sustainable ‘Nocturne’ collection!

The Beauty Stop says that false eyelashes are easier than you think.

The Fashionable Housewife just got back from a 10 day getaway to beautiful Naples, FL and want to share What Was In Her Suitcase!!!

The Shoe Goddess ponders the practicality of 6-inch heels. How high will you go?

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You know how sometimes you hear about fashion auctions and you hear about wonderful clothing being sold off to the highest bidder. You think to yourself, wow, if I could only be apart of that bidding. Then you realize your bank account will only allow you to purchase Starbucks. That’s exactly how I felt this morning when read about Christie’s London having a avant-garde fashion auction.

I call this the auction to end all auctions because it contains over 250 pieces from the personal collection of Kat Rodriguez and Mark Haddawy, owners of Resurrection. The two fashion lovers own the Resurrection boutiques in both New York and Los Angeles. What’s improtant about these two though is that the fashions on display (and for sale) span nearly 4 decades. I’m talking classics from Norma Kamali, Balenciaga, three early dresses from Marc Jacobs (circa 1991 if you must know). This is a collection that you wonder whether the items should be worn or simply placed in glass time capsule.

All told, the auction is expected to bring in between $442,000 and $530,000. The auction is happening today and I’ll possibly bring you a report on what fetch the highest price tag as soon as that info becomes available.

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford must have struck a deal with the devil because everything he touches turns to gold. He worked at Hardwick and it was successful, he worked at Perry Ellis and it went well. The stint at Gucci went too well. All this augurs badly for Ford’s newest venture. The feeling is you have to lose at least once right? Maybe not. Ford is going into the film directing category to see if he can put his vision on the big screen.

He’s set to direct A Single Man, the adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s 1965 novel. The film stars heavyweights Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Matthew Goode. Lead actor Firth plays a British professor living in Los Angeles and Goode stars as his boyfriend. Moore takes the role of Firth’s (the professor’s) life long friend. The entire film takes place in one day. Ford is no stranger to film (or at least TV) as very early in his career he was featured in several commercials. He decided to go the way of architecture and fashion later on, but film must have been too good to pass up.

There’s a question that I want to ask here though. Ford has never directed a film (at least nothing feature length). How will actors respond and/or react to a first time film director. My second question is how will the costume director interact with a living legend of fashion? Tune in for the answers tomorrow on As the World Turns.

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Agyness Deyn

Loyalty is something few have in the fashion industry. Few except supermodel, fashion queen, cancer curer, water walker, sexiest woman alive, Agyness Deyn can stake their claim to being loyal. This none more so the case than today when Hint’s blog announced to the waiting world that Agyness actually left her booker/agency and went to Women Model Management. She was at DNA and resided in London but when her booker left DNA, she left too. I guess friendship really does mean something, or it could just be a ‘I’m comfortable doing business with this person’ type of thing.

Regardless, women model management makes out very big by having Deyn as a client and New York makes out as well. Apparently the model, who has been seen traipsing around New York City is doing so , because she lives here now. It could be London’s higher cost of living (though New York is no slouch), it could be the food, whatever it is, Aggy is here now. A word of advice, steer clear of the hot dog stands. They’re tempting but will add pounds like you wouldn’t believe.

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Andre3000, you know, the flamboyant one of Outkast with his hit song “Hey Ya” has created a fashion line that matches his level of flair. You knew about this since last year because I blogged about it in an earlier life. But this time Andre Benjamin has some more info on who should wear his clothing line. Andre has leaning of an Anglophile. He loves the Burberry aesthetic and the Bixby line is filled with plaid items and colors you would only find on a dandy. But I am stalling.

3000 wants none other than Prince Charles wearing his collection. In an unnamed interview he says that

England taught America to dress. You guys showed us how to dress smartly and then we made it cool. We made it less formal, though men know how to wear a suit in London

he also remarks how dapper the royals would look in his collection

“I could see Prince Charles in one of my shirts – top dollar. Wills and Harry also rock. The princes are doing a great job with their looks.

Maybe I can get them into some Benjamin Bixby and they’ll be even cooler. Winston Churchill was one cool dude, too. He always looked dapper”

The charge for celebrity wear continues. Benjamin may be the next casualty at the celebritywear cemetary, but he’s been pretty successful as an artist with all of the things he’s done. Don’t be surprised if you see Charles wearing something in the Bixby line.

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Hair Guide

Several good posts on the fashion web this week. Of particular note is the Fall hair trend guide from Second City Style. Lauren Dimet Waters focuses on the different accessories, styles and looks for the season. If you’re looking for what to do with your hair this season, this guide is a good start. Other posts of note include comparisons of Herman bags vs Hermes, Giuseppe booties and more.

A Few Goody GumDrops has the Fabulous solution for flabby arms and it’s FLABuLESS!

Stiletto Jungle is saving Florence with Santa Maria Novella.

Lindsay Lohan dumped by Ugly Betty? Allie is Wired says it’s true!

Bag Bliss loves the day-to-night Graham & Spencer Orchid Clutch.

Bag Snob is the Herman bag much cooler than Hermes?

Beauty Snob fights aging hair with Alterna Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner.

Coquette gives her fashion forward budget picks for under $25.

Fashion Pulse shows how to partake in the the leopard print trend.

Fashion, Evolved tells you how to buy vintage!

KRISTOPHER is wanting, wearing, hating Giuseppe booties.

Ladybrille Interviews MTV Hills Lauren Conrad at Mercedes-Benz LA Fashion Week, Spring 2009.

Valparaíso Design Week a new window for the fashion emerging design by Quinta Trends

Second City Style Fall Trend Alert! Feather Hair Accessories and where you can find them.

Shopping and Info wants you to knowthat the cast of Lipstick Jungle is cold in NYC and Gisele Bundchen is hot in LA

StyleBakery is celebrating Cheap Chic Week with great finds for under $50

Stylehive gives you the evolution of Britney Spears through Halloween Costumes.

The Beauty Stop sheds light on fall’s rosy cheek trend.

The Shoe Goddes finds shoe options for a gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg gown!

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Autumn Fashion

This photo story published in the October 2008 issue of Papierdoll was shot by Patrick Clinton. Patrick Clinton is a New York based photographer by way of Sweden. When we asked how he came to New York his response was simple and to the point: How does anyone come to New York. This season he shot a story filled with looks from a variety of designers displaying an around-about town direction. View the complete photo story here.

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Karl Lagerfeld

I have to tell you, that deep inside I have some sort of wanton lust for Karl Lagerfeld. The man is a raving genius. Though Manolo makes fun of him from time to time, he has got what it takes to always surprise. I use his interview with the New York Times as an example. So let me set the scene.

The New York Times interviewer is at the Chanel Mobile Art exhibit at Central Park in New York. She interviews Padma Lakshmi who says she loves it. Then she interviews the artist that is being spotlighted by Chanel, Zaha Hadid. She interviews Hadid who says she loves the space it’s great. She interviews Zac Posen who loves it as well. Then she gets Karl Lagerfeld. Mind you Karl Lagerfeld has his hands all over Chanel now. So what does he say when she asks him about the space? I am paraphrasing of course: “I don’t like it..it’s too cramped.. nothing against the artwork or the artist but I would have liked it if it was empty.”

See the video here.

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Sarah Palin

There’s one thing anyone can walk away from thinking when reading Sarah Palin’s list of stores that totaled $150,000, she wasn’t shopping for one. That’s the subject I want to bring up because hey, she’s down in the polls and she doesn’t have to give the clothes back. She gets to keep them. So why not get items for the whole family? It’s not against the law. She’s not spending taxpayer money. She’s spending Republican National Committee money.

It’s absolutely impossible to believe that a hockey mom from Wasilla, Alaska put together a wardrobe that totals up to $150,000. Other bloggers, namely Amy Odell posits that it’s not in the realm of the absurd that she could spend $150,000, but it doesn’t past the smell test and so it is a wasteful spend of money.

Knowing that she truly walks the walk and talks the talk, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that her husband was treated to an item or two. The kids saw in the $150,000 as well. If one were to do an itemized breakdown of stores where one could blow $150,000 well there’s Nieman, Saks, Bergdorf’s, Bloomingdales, the myriad of designer shops lining 5th and Madison avenues. There’s no end to where you could blow $150,000.

But in the spirit of spreading the wealth and this is just only supposition so take it for what it is worth, the husband and kids got in on the action.

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Remember how last week I posted a diatribe on why celebritywear is dead and I went through the motions trying to illustrate the hows and whys using Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag as examples? Well I may have to make a general correction and re-state for the record. So here goes. For the record celebritywear is truly dead WITH THE EXCEPTION of: L.A.M.B., Edun and Whatever Diddy is doing with Sean John (apparently he just purchased Enyce from Liz Claiborne; Sean John is thriving and owns Zac Posen)

But the for the purposes of this post here’s why Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. is the shit. Normally something is just not right with a celebrity’s collection. Either they take something pre-existin in their closet and just add an accent and call it a part of their “new” collection. Conversely, they may create something completely new, but it just looks bad. Stefani and/or the designers behind L.A.M.B. have created accessories (namely the shoes you see above) that are need to haves. The ornately designed strappy is particularly beautiful to look at, not to mention wear. So Ms. Stefani, I am happy not only to mention your collection, but I am emptying my wallet in this time of recession as we speak.

Reports of celebritywear’s demise has been exaggerated, but not my much.

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