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Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Barneys New York.

Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Barneys New York.

If you’re a Band of Outsiders fan, that sinking feeling is very well justified. The brand, its fashions, its intellectual property and to a lesser extent, its owners are now owned…by someone else. Band of Outsiders if you recalled saw a meteoric rise with the cool kids of the industry, but somehow the company took a left turn and layoffs started to occur, stores started to close and the money…well…what money. The NYTimes has a sort of gory blow by blow accounting followed by a post-mortem on the brand’s demise.

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Wait, Beyonce’s on the Vogue cover and the cast of Empire is in a Mario Testino shoot? Is Valerie Jarett running the White House and guest editing Vogue for the month as well? I kid. But seriously, props to the Vogue staff for putting together a September tour-de-force issue. Weighing in at 832 pages, these September books are quickly becoming items specific for fashion libraries. Sure you can keep your subscription, but recycle every issue except the September book. That book stays with you for years on end. View it here.

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There’s something to be said about having one of the world’s most recognizable pop stars wearing your bikini. That something may be akin to you’ve arrived. Prepare for the mad dash rush at the bikini stores. But those in the know have been fans of Lychee Swimwear for awhile, RiRi notwithstanding.




You can see the full line of Lychee Swimwear here.

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This is the preview image being touted for the Mia Marcelle Miami Swim runway show. If this is any indication of what we’re going to be seeing for the collections, then we’re happy to attend. Amber Wagner’s California lifestyle inspired Mia Marcelle collection has always played the role of feminine informer. Some would say the simplicity of a two piece leaves no room for aesthetic flights of fancy, but Wagner’s made in the USA collection has wowed in the past and is sure to be a celeb favorite especially now with M. Marcelle (her men’s collection) also making a bow.

Miami Swim coverage on Papierdoll starts next week (7/18).

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Oleema and Kalani Miller’s Mikoh Swim collection is one of the more popular collections being shown at Miami Swim. The highly feminine and strong look not only encompasses bikinis and coverups but a beautiful white halter suit displayed during their 2015 runway. We’re talking resort wear that European designers envy and emulate. The surfer influence is more than evident. We’re looking forward to viewing this collection at Miami Swim next week.

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As ornate jewelry goes (and we know it can get really over the top), this is very tastefully done. Laverne Cox was wearing this at the recent Orangecon event in New York city.

photo credit: Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

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The celebs are out wearing the swim outfits that are not a dime a dozen.

Jessica Lowndes at Cannes wearing Gypsea:

Kylie Jenner in selfie mode wearing Issa De’ Mar Swim

Not celebrity, but models in the uber fashionable Lolli Swim collection:

Speaking of, what’s happening with Miami Swim, is it off, on,off or on? Find out here.

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Have to say that I’m not a big country music fan, but Miranda Lambert, may change that. Her looks were stunning at the Academy of Country Music Awards wearing Bibhu Mohapatra.

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Had to highlight this one as it’s going to be a great biopic done the HBO way. Bessie looks at Bessie Smith’s rise as a blues singer in America in the 1920s. The flapper fashions of the 1920s will be on full display. The costuming was done with the aid of Unique Vintage and they’ve gone full tilt to illustrate how to get the looks from the film.


Visit the Unique Vintage website here.

Bessie premieres on HBO May 16th at 8pm.

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I’ll cut to the chase and answer the post’s question. Yes.

But that comes with a caveat. The caveat is that Apple isn’t really placing the value on the watch, you are. If no one goes and buys it, it will be landfill material.

But that’s not the case.

We value the watch because it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. There are others out there that are personally worth more, Patek, Concorde, Rolex, Audemars, IWC and countless immediately come to mind. Those are specifically and intentionally without digital components. The Apple watch tries to meld both the digital and the aesthetic all into one. Will it work? Nearly every celebrity via their stylist has already put in an order. It was a success before Tim Cook got on stage.

So is it worth $10,000? Sure. They could have price it at $20,000. But $10,000 is just enough to make you work hard to want to get it and if not, there’s always the $349 one (but that’s not really the one you want, is it?).



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